10 Things To Do In Dubai

10 Things To Do In Dubai

When I think of Dubai, luxurious and mysterious probably are the top two words to describe this city. In this guide, I listed 10 my favourite activities to do in Dubai. Follow me on Instagram to see more: Olymli

1.Hot Air Balloon Experience

Fancy an early morning sunrise? Yes! 
what about on a hot air balloon? Yassss!
If you are lucky enough, you can literally touch the clouds in the sky, and spot the wild animals in the desert

Hot air balloon

2. SeaWings

Being able to fly has been on the top of the wish list of human beings for thousands of years. Of course, Dubai will always be uncompromising when it comes to fulfill you dreams. 
During the trip, you will be able to watch all the wonders in Dubai: Burj Khalifa, the infamous world tallest building; The World, artificial archipelago of various small islands constructed in the rough shape of a world map; Burj Al Arab, the one and the only 7 stars hotel in the world, and of course, the Palm Jumeirah. 
The seawings experience is the top notch. If I only had one day in Dubai, I probably will choose it as the major activity, just in case driving a Lamborghini is too casual.


3. Old Town Dubai

Dubai also needs to show its culture to the world more often. This part of the Dubai was actually the highlight of the whole trip, it made me feel the core of the city, most importantly, the people and the life in Dubai. 
This part of the town definitely worth a day to work around, and you might be able to hear a few old yet interesting stories.

Old Town Dubai

4.Desert Experience

The ultimate getaway if you are tired of the city of Dubai. Drive through the sand dunes, watch falcon hunting birds, and enjoy a buffet in the middle of endless desert, wrap up your day by star gazing, all of these will make you think: Am I still on earth?

Desert experience


This Arabic fusion restaurant might be able to represent the core value of Dubai: a fine mixture of traditional merit and modern quirkiness. A world class service will guarantee your satisfaction.


6. The Sum of Us

One thing I was always craving for while I was in Dubai was the fine coffee from Australia. However, Dubai surprised me with this little fancy Cafe. I could not help but asked for a Flatwhite after I had one cup of delicious long black .

Sum of us

7.Burj Khalifa

Of course, you need to visit the top of this building, after all, it is the tallest in the world.

Burj Khalifa

8. St. Regis Hotel

St Regis in Dubai will be the very first one in UAE, and there will be an Hotel W next to i 


The concept of interior design is to deliver the feeling of mansion. The floor is fully covered by marble, and well polished. 

Walking around St Regis, you will find the art collections are significantly diverse, and you can definitely find something that can draw your attention, please make sure you ask the stories behind them, the stories that I heard in St Regis amazed me.

Another fun fact of this hotel: your favourite drink---Bloody Mary was created in the St Regis of New York, and you can obviously have the authentic version of it in Dubai as well.

There are several private dining function rooms in St. Regis, and there is also a steak house that offers premium beef that is imported from Australia, yet better than you can normally have. The entire wagyu beef will be brought to Dubai, and what make it even better is the 17 cuts.

Every hotel room in St. Regis comes with complimentary butler service. Moreover, the suites in St. Regis are designated to provide customers more privacy. The 52 suites are with 100% different interior design, but with service that beyond your expectation.

As they’ve told me:” Speaking of luxury, there is luxury, and there is Dubai Luxury.” St Regis in Dubai is probably defines yet another level of luxury itself.

St. Regis Hotel

9. Aquaventure

Just when you think you have experienced everything in Dubai.

Just when you think Dubai is all about architectures and no fun.

Aquaventure is there to change your mind.

Located on the one and only Palm, you can actually enjoy a different experience from the city. You can either have your own cabana or you can be adventurous and grab an inflatable ring to float around in the park.

There are multiple slides to choose from, one of my favourites was definitely the one that you float through an aquarium, and have the feeling that you are diving with sharks and in searching your own Nemo.

It is definitely a perfect place for a family day trip, put suncream on and enjoy the Aquaventure.


10. 40 Kong 

Probably one of the best for the expats to hang out after a long hot day of working in Dubai. It comes with a roof top view of the modern dubai, moreover it also offers the uncompromising taste of cocktails in Dubai, where you need your licence to buy alcohol. Seafood tapas is a must try as well, prawns, crab, and various kinds of sushi are all freshly made in the kitchen.

40 Kong