Well, here is another rant about those fake engagement tool

Well, here is another rant about those fake engagement tool

ICYMI here are two previous articles about this issue:



Well, I thought I was going to give it a pass this time by not ranting like an old man, but technically, I am old on this social media world...so here it is: 

Without any surprise, there are more and more people jumped on board of this whole fake arse tool, and here are some examples of how did I find out about this:

The last comment under this photo is from an "Influencer" fellow, could you see any lovely factor of this horrific photo?(I am not commenting on the looks of these two people)

Ok, you might argue: what if they are just this "Influencer's" mates? Here is another photo that this "influencer" comment within 2 minutes:

How the fuck could this photo make you feel relaxed? Is that tiny bird shit calmed you down?!


So I did another research, and of course by using our company account( Because I don't want to be the annoying cunt myself) 

Here is what happened:

There you go, these tools now allow you to turn on the automatic comment function, they will identify the content in the photo and leave a comment on your behalf.  So next time, when you see someone leave this sort of comments on your photos, ignore them. 

Also, remember my beautiful hand drawing from http://www.olymli.com/blog/fake-engagement , if you missed it, highly recommend you go back and have a look, simply beautiful. 

However, the curve of the fake engagement could be different, it could start as normal, and slowly add up and reach up to a irrational number.

Let me explain this to you:

For instance, as someone who doesn't spend as much as others, if I post something and get around 300 likes within one hour, I potentially could get around 900 likes at the end of 24 hour circle. This could be applied to most of us on Instagram, if you see someone who has around 150 likes within 2 hours, and after 24 hours, he or she got more than 2000 likes. Normally, there is something wrong. However, I do know some other people who would actually spend hours on Instagram to engage with other people by liking and commenting on their photos, this could potentially got the growth curve a little bit abnormal, but this cannot happen to every photo. 

How to identify those people?

Besides by monitoring their growth curves that could be a little tricky for everyone, there is a simple way to do it:

Go to the tab that you can see the people that you follow, what photos are they liking.

Look at 1&2, beloved "influencers" , you can refresh this page and see they are constantly liking rubbish photos like selfies and inspirational quotes and shits. However, when you look at their feeds, beautiful portraits and maximum story telling skills. Ouch!

Look at 3, this should be a normal people likes on Instagram, consistent, and can stand for what you like personally.

Look at 4, this is actually one of the big feature accounts, look at what he is liking?

So here you can refer to the engagement package from my previous post  , and you will understand the mechanism of the engagement tools.( I am doubting my assumptions already tho)

Now I would like to invite you to have a look at yours, and can you finally see who are faking it?


Moreover, I talked to another friend who has been struggling with this as well, and found out there are actually way more methods out there that could help you fake it, examples as:


Can anyone please explain what is going on here? How did he manage to gain followers like this? 

Update: Obviously they can fake comments under your photos now as well....

Final thoughts

After seeing this, I feel like I am lucky enough by not living my whole life on this social media thing, but I do believe there are so many of them who actually took a risk and live on this platform. Sadly, all the examples that I put in this article got some amazing jobs from different brands and tourisms. People always say don't blame the players, blame the game. True, agency theory applies perfectly here, every party wants the maximum numbers to gain their own profit. However, they are ruining this industry in a long run...It is like having orgasms while you are on drugs. nothing is real but illusions. 

We have been told the most important thing is the content that you created, yet there are so many tools out there faked it and actually made it as well! 

What is your thought about this? Are you joining them, ignoring them or fighting them?