What is like living in the most expensive hotel in Australia?

What is like living in the most expensive hotel in Australia?

I love travel, and enjoy a little bit of luxury every now and then. So it's safe to say that I have seen some of the most fancy hotels in the world, from China to Dubai. However, there is nothing that could compare with Saffire Freycinet. 

The resort was designed by architect Robert Morris-Nunn, and completed in 2010. Along this amazing project, Mr. Morris-Nunn also designed another one of my favourites, Henry Jones Art hotel. However, Saffire is definitely more modern-ish compared with Henry Jones. Both architecture and interiors could represent Australian sort of top-notch quality. 

Saffire is located at the best part of Freycinet National Park, minutes walk from the Coles Bay, where the Hazards sitting right next to it. 

There are multiple options for you to choose to arrive on the resort, but you are already in the top hotel in the world, why don't you step up, and upgrade to the best:  Helicopter pick-up from Par Avion .  

It only takes about 40 minutes on helicopters, and you can also appreciate the spectacularness from miles high.  I still cannot decide if I was Bronwyn Bishop or Jay-Z when I saw a private chauffeur waiting for me to get off from the helicopter 

The capability of Saffire is approximately 40 people while it has more than 70 staff in winter, and more than 130 during summer time. You might also bump into some celebrities like I did while you are doing your day spa.

There are three different types of rooms for you to book, but each of them are with uncompromising quality of everything.  Heated floor in bathroom , free mini bar with quality beverage and snacks, and of course, pillow menu.

I was absolutely thrilled when I first saw the view from my hotel room. The view you normally hike for hours to get, and you can simply lie in your bed with a glass of bubbly, and say:"Fuck, this is fucking amazing." in your heart or say it out loudly since you are enjoying the whole open area yourself.

Moreover, Saffire is more than just your another fancy hotel. When you book your room, it not only includes all these great quality food, but also comes with some complimentary activities for you to enjoy.  Walk to Wineglass Bay look out, archery, Tasmania devil experience, or oyster farm. Everything is well organised, but if you only have limited time, oyster farm activity is highly suggested. Can you imagine yourself eating prized Pacific oysters on an oyster farm(with a bottle of fine champagne), watch mesmerising Tasmanian sunset with your beloved. 

After a long day of running around, nothing is better than some satisfying food to treat our stomach. Although it is complimentary dinner that comes with the hotel room, don't expect anything disappointing. Plus, the menu changes daily, with different matched wines as well. You might want to try the Finest Tasmanian Whisky taste session as well if you still have some room in your belly for them, or should I say sober enough to try. 

A resort is not complete without a gym and spa. I had to indulge myself with a massage after a not too long flight from Sydney to Hobart. The spa itself is already way better than some spas in your basic towns ( weird to say, but true). The gym could easily win the title of "The treadmills with best view in the world" and believe me, you don't want to skip gym when Saffire feed you this well...

I was told that in Saffire, there were a couple of times that the whole resort was booked by some royal family, and all the princes and princesses could make this resort like home. I guess we cannot be legit prince or princess, but we could still possible to have the privilege that they had, to stay in Saffire, and imagine you are the king of the Hazards, and Saffire is your secret palace in the forest...  (Typing this resentfully in my cold Newtown apartment...)

One day, one day I will come back to you again Saffire...