Why full-time Instagrammers/Social Media Influencers are over rated?

Why full-time Instagrammers/Social Media Influencers are over rated?


1. This article is written by a wanky Asian guy who loves the smell of responsibility;

2. This guy might have read too much Tony Robbins shit;

3. I prefer dogs over cats.


So, I read this article about how this couple could make 6 figures of income by travelling, and as usual, I rolled my eyes and thought nice PR stunt. However, imagine how many kids in school would be like:"Oh wow, I want to be like that!" Then start seeking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Please don't get me wrong, I love their works and inspirational journey. I just cannot really appreciate how media enlarged the glamour of the job, but do not talk about the hard work behind it.  

I am nowhere close to an influencer or Instagrammer, but I can see the hard work behind every single photo. The trip that they spent to get there, and the time they spent on editing afterwards. I don't even want to mention the marketing part: You need to create your consistent content and make sure you deliver it to meet the requirement from your client; SEO, Facebook and Google Advertising, we call these inbound marketing. Also, you have to remember the outbound part, outreach the brands, sending out proposals, and deal with emails and phone calls. I believe there will be more than these things that you need to do when you want to become a full-time Instagrammer. Do not know any of these? Well, time to do some learning.

I never wanted and still, don't want to become a full-time Instagrammer. I like being creative and travelling, but I still believe that make things that you enjoy to be your career is killing the fun part of it. Instead of being a creative photographer or traveller, I became a marketing manager that still can be creative and witness something growing. I never studied marketing at uni, I had one business degree and achieved my MBA a couple of years ago, and thinking about getting more degrees for a while( yes, I am one of those people).  

I don't like calling myself photographer or social media influencer because I don't think I deserve the title. However, I do know one thing, that is what I want from social media.

A few years ago, I jumped on Instagram and started meeting others(This sounds like my Grindr story), which I still do, because it is such an amazing platform to meet others who share the same interest. Moreover, I use all the social media platform to build my own image, or you can call it a brand. Here is the interesting thing, when employers hiring people, they might google you and check you out. At first, I worried about it and thought that's annoying, then I realise this actually could help me to find a job as long as I curate every channel in the right way. Therefore, I unified every platform's username as OlymLi, which is my name and make all of them linked together. Well, I can tell you, this works well if you can keep it going, moreover, it would be better if you can keep doing something that is relevant to you career goal. (I also have been updated a movie post for nearly 8 years with multi-million views, but I don't feel like it should be in this circle, hence I don't put it up on my social media.)

So, I do believe the glamour of a full-time Instagrammer/ Social Media Influencer has been overrated, not because it is not something bad, but after all, it is still a full-time job that needs skills and time to work through, yet our media are trying so hard to be inspirational( Getting some more traffic). 

I believe there would be more and more people want to quit their jobs and be a glamorous influencer, but before that, ask yourself some questions:(Channelling my inner Tony Robbins)

1.  What do want from social media? 

2. Do you still think it would be fun if it would be your full-time job? 

3.  Are you going to be able to pay your rent on time?

4. Are you willing to market yourself? Are you able to build your own brand? How would you leverage your own brand? 


Also, here are some tips from a loser:


1. Don't reply on one social media platform. (Please do a case study or research about Lauren Bath, she is my favourite Instagrammer(Business). You can learn a lot from her business model. )

2. Remember social media is not purely about photography. 

3. Learn to manage your time. Spend some on creating content, but you need to spend some on marketing. (Remember it is a full-time job)

4. Talk to people who are doing it as a career before you jump on board, but analyse your own situation based on their stories. 

5. Be authentic, and be who you really are. 

So...What do you think? Are you willing to become a full-time Instagrammer/Social media influencer?